Sunday, June 19, 2011

Green Lantern - A Fan's Review

I went into the theater skeptical about Green Lantern.  I was prepared to be let down, knowing how hit-or-miss are movies based on comic books.  I'd also seen a couple of poor reviews.

I liked it.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are well cast in their leading roles.

The movie crams a lot of character history into two hours.  As there always is with movies based on books, even comic books, there's some that gets left out.  There's enough meat in the movie to keep the belly full.

The effect of Hal Jordan's father in his life is told well, and repeatedly.  We learn a bit about Carol Ferris, his love interest, but again, there's only two hours, and many miles to travel here.

I really dig how the current technology makes the aliens of the Green Lantern universe come to life.

There are two important villains in the narrative that are taken care of, conquered, in this first movie.   There's enough history with each that could have probably been featured in their own "episode."

I wasn't entirely thrilled with the ending of the movie.  Not the climax, but the ending.

No spoilers here.  Go see it. I recommend it.   Save yourself some money, the 3-D doesn't do much in this movie.

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