Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tax and spend

Here's the problem, kids -

How does the federal government keep itself alive?

Can it keep lowering taxes, while still supplying the programs so many rely on?  Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment benefits, Social Security?  Can these stay afloat with less revenue coming in?

The root question:  why do so many have a problem with paying taxes?  Seems to me so many people blame this group or the other, saying "they" don't pay enough.  Why can't we all just pay what we owe?

Why do we allow these so-called "loopholes?"  Seems to me if we all paid our fair share of taxes, we wouldn't have this problem.

This isn't to say I'm a tax-and-spender.  I think government has a place in the lives of the governed.  And like it or not, kids, we are governed.  I think taxes should be paid to keep government afloat.  But that's not to pad the pockets of career politicians, either.

There are those who say if we lower taxes on industry, it will spark job creation.

We had one "stimulus."  What happened to the jobs?

Here in the greater Boston area, I see evidence of the stimulus in the never ending highway projects that are going on.  We need infastructure repair, of course, but these are relatively short term jobs.  Like police and firefighters being hired, they're also public jobs.

The recovery will catch when private businesses benefit.  How do we make that happen?  How about giving them a competitive edge with foreign competition?  Perhaps lowering corporate tax rates isn't such a bad idea; there's evidence that these companies set up headquarters in countries like Ireland with much more forgiving tax policy.  They oughta pay us something, but maybe not to the point that we chase them to Europe or elsewhere.

I don't have all the answers.  I do know, however, that taxes are the price of a "free" country.  I see zealots on tv saying government is too big, etc.  I hear some say the recent battle over the deficit and a possible default was fabricated to hike taxes.


It's not fun, but shut your mouth, open your wallet, and pay your fair share.  If you don't make anything, God bless ya.  But if you do, you can support this country.

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