Monday, March 19, 2012

What is it?

What is it about drugs that reels so many in?

Prescription drugs, illegal drugs, whatever.  If it gives you a high, then that's what I'm referring to.

What is it about life that so many of us need that little helper to get by?

I have a beer every so often. I've smoked weed before, in my younger days.  I'm not trying to come across as a puritan.

I've known people who've taken it too far.  I've known people who are no longer eligible for the census because of drugs.

But they're EVERY-where.  The USA has been fighting a "war on drugs" long before Nancy Reagan admonished us to "just say no."

The drug users among us aren't just the skinny kids who dart across the city streets late at night, slipping a pouch of the stuff in the window of the car that pulls up, the driver slipping a wad of cash in the palm of the courier.

They're doctors, teachers, lawyers, bus drivers, fast food clerks, grocery store cashiers.

Anyone.  Everyone.

Abusing them is illegal, which means flourishing underground trades exist all over.

There's something about us - about them - that draws so many people to them, and in some cases, to the dark corners where they're available.

And we lose a few.

It hurts.  It leaves so many unanswered questions, so many "what ifs." Could I have done anything more, could anyone have done anything, etc.

It's easy to say it doesn't have to be this way. I don't know the alternative, though.

We can't save everyone.  I don't think many of them set out to die.  Others do.  And that's the thing, we just don't know.

But the pull of the drugs, it's so hard to get away from once you're in.

Is it a losing battle?  If the drugs themselves are a part of our fabric, is there another way to attack the abuse of them other than demonizing it?

I ask these questions because I truly don't have any answers.

And clearly, as well-intended as it is, Nancy's advice just isn't catching on.  

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